05/25/2012 06:38 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

The Hits of Pat Benatar Fire Up Invincible: The Legend of Billie Jean, The Musical

In the basement of Casita Del Campo, a Mexican Restaurant in Silver Lake, you'll find The Cavern Club, a haven of some of Los Angeles' most creative, colorful, underground theatre including the return of the wonderfully warped musical adaptation of the 1980s cult film The Legend Of Billie Jean, which runs weekends til June 2.

Conceived and directed by Kurt Koehler, Invincible: The Legend of Billie Jean, The Musical is an instant camp classic.2012-05-23-c70207fcf5becd6b95457a03e5ed375e.jpg

Pat Benatar's top ten theme song, the fist-pumping, "Invincible," was one of the original film's memorable elements. Taking a cue from that hit, Koehler, and his collaborator/husband, James Quinn, have lovingly and cleverly woven Benatar's MTV-era songbook into the tale of angsty teens running from the law; making the musical as much (if not more) a tribute to the rock songstress as it is to the film that inspired it.

You've never experienced "Shadows of the Night" or "Love Is A Battlefield" quite like this.

A true comedy/musical ensemble, Billie Jean's terrific cast includes Jennifer Dohn Watkins in the title role, Sam Pancake, Jacquelyn Denning, Terry Ray, Brian Dyer, Doreen Calderon, Hutchins Foster, Beth Leckbee, Nora Miller, and Cavern Club legend John Cantwell.

Koehler says, "Our hope is for this show to go to New York, and then eventually become a movie with all the Pat Benatar songs."

"I went to school for acting, and film, but I came to L.A. and couldn't get an agent or a foot in the door, and I didn't want to waste time, so I set out to make and direct my own films, and projects."

Koehler is also the force behind the popular, long-running Cavern Club staple, Chico's Angels -- think Charlie's Angels with The Three Stooges solving crime in Latino drag. The show was initially supposed to run three weeks and is now in its ninth year. Check out for details on upcoming shows.

Koehler adds, "Good theatre is something that when you walk away, it makes you feel euphoria of some kind."

And audiences are feeling the Billie Jean euphoria as evidenced by recent sell out crowds. Don't miss out! This musical really does hit you with its best shot and fires away.

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The cast of Invincible: The Legend of Billie Jean, The Musical with fan, and recent audience member, Julie Brown.