A Balanced Package Must Be Stronger, More Fair and Binding Than the Kyoto Protocol

At the UNFCCC meeting in Tianjin, during the session on the issue of a "Balanced Package" and what different countries expect from it, the Chair of the session decided to open up the floor for civil society to comment (after keeping them mostly closed for the whole week). Below is a last minute speech I put together. I wasn't able to touch on every points but here's what I put together, for the record!

Dear Chairman and distinguished delegates from around the world,

As a Chinese American, I've seen a lot of bickering between the two countries in the last week. Each claiming that they cannot act unless the other does. I want to tell the story of an analogy: a boat is sinking and it has one hour to get to shore. All citizens of all countries are on this boat. If one country says I would only raft, if the other countries commit to rafting, then we will never get to shore. We and our children will simply drown together.

In this situation, I want to urge all of you to put aside your national interests and negotiate as citizens of the planet. If any country claims that it cannot act unless others do, then it is not serious about addressing climate change. Instead, I urge that every country offer their fair share of responsibility for the planet and ask others to follow their lead.

I believe any action that is less strong than Kyoto is a failure for all of us. What we need to aim for is something that must be STRONGER, MORE BINDING AND AMBITIOUS than even the Kyoto Protocol. A "Balanced Package" means developed countries must accept more emission reduction targets, offer sufficient financial aid and technology transfer for developing countries, so they can mitigate their emission and adapt to climate change.

Thank you.