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Yaacov Cohen
Yaacov Cohen is Co-Founder and Social CEO of A collaboration
visionary, he believes in keeping it human. Technology needs to enhance our
human interactions, not consume them. Yaacov also writes about Business and Torah and how business leaders can draw inspiration from Torah.

Entries by Yaacov Cohen

Can You Educate to Freedom?

(1) Comments | Posted April 10, 2014 | 4:50 PM

"Education" and "freedom" may seem like somewhat contradictory concepts. In some modern societies, education is looked as an integral component -- giving people liberty, autonomy and independence through the power and informed choices that come with knowledge. However, in terms of parents educating children, education can often imply authority, discipline...

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Can Faith Help You Make Better Decisions?

(2) Comments | Posted January 24, 2014 | 1:41 PM

Faith and decision-making can seem like an awkward mix. In a hectic and rapidly changing world, analysis and risk assessment seem to be the best tools for decision making. Meanwhile faith and its perceived irrational mindset are thought to lead to wrong decisions and potentially catastrophic results. However, a careful...

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The First Job Interview in Human History

(2) Comments | Posted November 18, 2013 | 10:57 AM

The story of Joseph and his first meeting with the Egyptian Pharaoh has much to offer modern day job seekers.

Joseph the "dreamer" as he is sarcastically called by his stepbrothers, was the intellectual visionary in a family of traditional shepherds. He led a turbulent life before his meteoric ascent...

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Zebulon and Issachar: Closing the Chasm Between Business Strategy and Execution

(1) Comments | Posted October 2, 2013 | 2:12 PM

The concluding section of the Torah includes Moshe's last speech, given during his final day on earth. Before departing, Moshe blessed the 12 tribes, including the Zebulon and Issachar, with a single sentence: "Rejoice, Zebulon, in your journey; Issachar in your tents" (Deuteronomy 33, 18).

The famous medieval commentator

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Is God a Feminist?

(34) Comments | Posted July 12, 2013 | 12:38 PM

The answer depends on who you ask.

According to the Midrash Sifre from the third century, the famous five Zelophehad daughters thought so. These young women chose the Tent of Meeting, the place where God revealed himself, as the location for petitioning Moshe and the top...

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The Shavuot Festival Mystery and Its Business Implication

(3) Comments | Posted May 14, 2013 | 8:51 AM

According to Jewish tradition, the upcoming festival of Shavuot (literally "Weeks") is the anniversary of the giving of the Torah and the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Oddly though, we find no clear link in the Bible between the Shavuot festival and the giving of the Torah. Unlike Sukkot, which...

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It's Passover, but Can We Really Be Free Again?

(2) Comments | Posted March 18, 2013 | 1:42 PM

Every spring, Jews throughout the world celebrate Passover, telling the story of Hebrew slaves fleeing from Egypt. But there's much more to Passover than a commemoration of historical events. Passover also reminds us once each year that we can renew ourselves and attain a new level of personal freedom.

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The Tragic Life of Queen Esther

(5) Comments | Posted February 20, 2013 | 10:35 AM

An orphan raised by her uncle, young Esther was taken against her will as a beautiful virgin to Persian King Ahasuerus's harem. There, she was forced to prepare herself for her first night with the King by spending six months doused in oil of myrrh and another six in sweet...

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What Can Women Leaders Learn From Biblical Miriam?

(29) Comments | Posted February 6, 2013 | 2:41 PM

You wouldn't expect the five book of Moses to promote women's leadership but a patriarchal society led by elders. However, a careful reading of Miriam's actions during the Hebrews Exodus from Egypt might lead you to a dramatically different conclusion.

Miriam was the first born of Amram, the Hebrew...

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Do You Check Your Faith at the Door?

(7) Comments | Posted December 31, 2012 | 4:56 PM

Faith and business can seem an awkward mix. In a world of hard-nosed competition and cold calculus, faith can seem out-of-place, almost a weakness. My personal experience has been quite different. Running a high-tech startup has helped deepen my faith, and my faith has helped me run the business better....

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