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When Did It Become OK for Male Celebs to Flaunt Their Hairy Chests This Summer?

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With summer comes some truly heinous male beauty trends: the banana hammock, the male pedicure, and the sight of a grown man's hairy chest ever slightly peeking out from his unbuttoned shirt.

The handsome Brit-who-can-do-no-wrong, Ed Westwick, popularized the trend with his buxom hairy overgrowth at movie premieres around the country. And now, his Gossip Girl costar Penn Bagdley has followed suit at a recent premiere of Twelve.  

I fell in love with Penn (or "Dan" if you like to be all accurate about it) since he first stuttered his way to love with Serena in GG, but even I yelped in disgust at his huge forest of testosterone. Yes, we like our men to look like they've passed puberty with flying colors, but would it have killed his stylist to fasten one more button?

Are you attracted to grown manly hair? Or do you think they need some burning wax stat?