07/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blaming Bill: O'Reilly Is an Enabler, Not a Perpetrator

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By: King Anyi Howell

When OB/GYN George Tiller was murdered by a pro-life extremist, many people placed the blame on Fox News shout (as opposed to talk) show host Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly not only encourages violence against abortion doctors, he mentioned Dr. Tiller on his show more than a handful of times. But, does that make him responsible for Tiller's murder?

Anyone who watches The O’Reilly Factor or follows current events in the Hip-Hop music genre knows that Bill O’Reilly is a fierce opponent of urban music.

The talk show host has held Hip-Hop responsible for everything from teen-aged pregnancy to murder. The same reason I disagree with O'Reilly about his views of Hip-Hop is also why I have to defend him in this circumstance. Just because he instigates citizens into deciding the mortal fates of abortion doctors does not make him responsible for the knucklehead brazen enough to do it. If I were to instruct someone to kick Mr. O’Reilly in the groin, and someone ACTUALLY did it, I shouldn’t get any calls from O’Reilly’s attorneys seeking damages. And vise versa. I don’t even believe the most uneducated, irresponsible, thoughtless member of the Bill O’Reilly fan club would be compelled by a man on TV to go and commit murder, unless they were already planning or fantasizing about it.

I do believe that if Bill O’Reilly actually feels the way he does about Hip-Hop and its effects on society, he should then feel PERSONALLY responsible for his Dr. Tiller’s death, whether he is ashamed of it or proud. He should begin to acknowledge his effect on American society and crime, hate crime in particular. Bill O’Reilly is to hate crime what Hip-Hop is to urban violence. Just like music with explicit messages come with a parental advisory warning, The O’Reilly Factor shout show should begin with a disclaimer: Don’t Think This At Home.

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