May Day Coverage - Oakland

05/01/2012 03:53 pm ET | Updated Jul 01, 2012

 Youth Radio reporters are live Tweeting May Day demonstrations in Oakland, California @YouthRadio, and we're archiving the stream on this page.


UPDATE: 5:05 PM  Boots, a member of a political hip-hop group called The Coup, was among the hundreds of protestors gathered at Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza for the May Day protest. He explains why he joined the demonstrations, and why he thinks the 99% movement is something more people should get behind.




UPDATE: 4:30 PM Looking out from a window shattered by protestors at a McDonald's in downtown Oakland. A 3:00 PM press release from the city's Emergency Operations Center reports limited vandalism and only four arrests. (Credit: Brett Myers)


UPDATE: 3:15 PM In the last 15 minutes, police cleared the intersection of 14th and Broadway in downtown Oakland, where several hundred protesters had gathered.  The Oakland Police Department issued multiple verbal warnings over a PA system declaring the protest to be an unlawful gathering. If protesters failed to vacate the immediate area in the given amount of time, police warned that force could be used, including chemical dispersal agents.

According to J. Sanchez, a public information officer for the Oakland Police Department, the area was cleared due to vandalism, including damage to a news van and a small number of commercial windowfronts. Sanchez said when police tried to intervene, they were surrounded by protesters and prevented from doing their work. Sanchez estimates seven or eight arrests thus far, though a press release from the city's Emergency Operations Center reports only four arrests as of 3:00 PM. Youth Radio reporters witnessed no use of force by police.  (Credit: Brett Myers)


Protester on 14th St. near Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, just minutes before police in riot gear cleared the street. (Credit: Brett Myers)

2:34 PM 1 May 12


When asked why he came out to protest the dog said, "It's ruff out here for little guys like me."  (Credit: Brett Myers) 

2:32 PM 1 May 12



Protester in Guy Fawkes mask approaching 14th St. and Broadway in downtown Oakland. (Credit: Brett Myers)

2:30 PM 1 May 12


Unnamed protester handcuffed on 17th St and Telegraph Avenue in downtown Oakland is among the first arrests of the day.  Police would not comment on the nature of the arrest. (Credit: Brett Myers/Youth Radio)

2:09 PM 1 May 12


Protesters gather on the intersection between 14th and Broadway. (Credit: Sayre Quevedo/Youth Radio)

1:34 PM 1 May 12


Foot Locker is boarded up in Downtown Oakland. (Credit: Sayre Quevedo/Youth Radio)

1:33 PM 1 May 12


A Police SUV trails slowly behind protesters heading North down Broadway. (Credit: Sayre Quevedo/Youth Radio)

1:32 PM 1 May 12


Fasil Lemma, 38, is the manager of De Lauer's 24 Hour News Stand in Downtown Oakland and says they plan to stay open, "[Protesters] have never messed with us before. We serve the community and the people out there." (Credit: Sayre Quevedo/Youth Radio)

1:31 PM, 1 May 12


Smoke device goes off during protest in downtown Oakland, CA. (Credit: Tak Katsuura)

12:20 PM - 1 May 12


Police defend Bank Of America branch in downtown Oakland. (Credit: Sayre Quevedo/Youth Radio)

11:50 AM - 1 May 12 via web



Demonstrators block 14th & Bway in Oakland, CA to dance around the May Pole. (Credit: Sayre Quevedo/Youth Radio) 

11:30 AM - 1 May 12 via web


Protester in Guy Fawkes mask tries to redirect traffic during Oakland May Day protests. (Credit: Robyn Gee/Youth Radio)

11:36 AM - 1 May 12