06/14/2010 08:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Is She Nuts? Woman Dragged by Car for Not Letting Go of Louis Vuitton Handbag

I think about this every time I contemplate buying a new designer handbag: What's my line of defense should someone try to snatch it from me? Do I hold on for dear life? Or, do I fight back? If I buy it, should I avoid bad neighborhoods? (Hmmm, shouldn't I avoid bad neighborhoods anyway to keep myself safe?) It's silly what we conjure up in our brains for the sake of carrying a lux handbag. At times, we don't even consider the fact that what it costs to buy a purse made by Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton can feed a family of four for weeks -- in some foreign countries, months!

Even still, we fork over big bucks for the arm candy, and when faced with an obstacle -- one that could cost us our designer handbags (and our lives) -- we become... insane.

Such was the case for a 22-year-old woman. On Tuesday, a man called her over to his car while she was walking down the street. Another man grabbed her precious Louis Vuitton, and they proceeded to drive away! And what does the style maven do? She refuses to budge, causing her to be dragged a short distance down the street, reports BBC News.

Luckily, the man eventually let go of her carryall and the woman only sustained minor injuries as a result. A part of me wants to say that the LV lover is a tad crazy for risking her life for the sake of an accessory, but a part of me also understands. After all, the perfect bag -- an expensive one at that -- is hard to find.

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