09/02/2010 04:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Challenge: I'm Going to Wear Only 6 Interchangeable Items During New York Fashion Week

When the Today show challenged financial editor Jean Chatzky to wear only six items for 30 days, my heart sank. If I was asked to do the same, there's no way I would survive. (Confession: I don't think I've even worn a single item in my wardrobe six times!)

As it turns out, this is a thing. Just like that couple who decided to get rid of all of their stuff but 100 items, now people -- in an effort to save money, curb their carbon footprint, control their fashion addiction or simply prove a point -- are challenging themselves to spend less and wear less. Conscious shoppers are joining communities like The Great American Apparel Diet and Six Items or Less, supporting each other, sharing their adventures and encouraging others to sacrifice stuff and (gulp) style.

I don't know if I can follow in their footsteps exactly. One month is a long time, not to mention, a lot of small loads of laundry. But, I've decided on a style challenge of my own: I'm going to wear only six (interchangeable) items during New York Fashion Week. It's the time of year when I plan, plan, plan my outfits days (sometimes weeks) in advance. It's when I wear my prized possessions, pull together my favorite outfits and glam it up like there's no tomorrow. I've already RSVP'd to a handful of shows (and the list is still growing). Can I really do this? Ack! Starting September 9, I will be out and about in New York City in a combination of the following:

• a little black dress

• a navy blue boyfriend cardigan

• a white A-line skirt

• a striped button-down shirt

• a pair of blue jeans

• a plain white tee

Check iVillage in a week as I post my outfits daily. And, wish me luck! (I may need it.)

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