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Yvonne Force Villareal

Yvonne Force Villareal

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"Figuring" Out the 54th Venice Biennale

Posted: 06/ 8/11 12:34 PM ET

In three days my business partner, Doreen Remen, and I tried to see it all! But alas, it was impossible because there was a plethora of art spread all over Venice. There were no overarching themes -- just an abundance of interesting and at times great art. At night we met up with Art Production Fund board members Vanessa Arelle and Jessica Craig-Martin and once again tried to do it all. Alas, it was again impossible because there were just so many outrageous parties in divine palazzos! But the ones we did get to were well worth the trip. Flying back to NYC and thinking about what to post -- it was the figurative work I viewed in both still images and in performances (incorporating at times the artists themselves) that linger in my mind. Those poignantly examining the human condition resonate with me most. Here are some memorable artworks:

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Thomas Houseago’s “L’Homme Presse” is a “symbol of Faith in human abilities” according to curator Caroline Bourgeois of the exhibition “The World Belongs to you” at Francois Pinaoult Foundation’s Palazzo Grassi. This massive skeletal sculpture looks out over the Grand Canal.
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