05/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fashion Critics You Got it Wrong! Not First Lady Obama.

All of the cable media chatter about what First Lady Michelle Obama is wearing, will wear, how she presents herself, what she says, and how she says it was for a moment completely silenced when she took the stage at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language School in London to share a personal part of herself with the ethnically and religiously diverse girls attending this school.

Her words of encouragement and tears from a woman who is a mother first, cradled the stage of participants as she held the audience of her symbolic daughters. We have a First Lady who is absolutely comfortable with being authentic; showing a level of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence that has not ever been seen by any President's wife in History.

The British Media despite the initial wind sucking sound that permeated the U.K. when Michelle touched Her Majesty in a moment of connectedness between the two women - breaking la non toccare (the don't touch) the Queen policy was forgiven. Known to be quite cheeky and down right harsh at times, the British Tabloids called her "Mighty Michelle." She charmed all of Great Britain rising to the occasion that was shamefully under estimated by our U.S. pundits and so called experts who think they are in the know.

Huff Post Blogger Bonnie Fuller says Michelle Obama has "lost her mind and is a fashion disaster." I guess coming from a woman who has served as an award winning Editor-In-Chief to some of Nation's top fashion magazines, she of course knows more about fashion than I do. I am sure she also dresses better than me as well. However, with all due respect to BF's knowledge, expertise and fashion sense, she totally misses the point to who the First Lady really is to America and now the rest of the world. And while fashion is very important, it is also not important.

First Lady Obama's kinetic energy with the Queen who requested to "stay in touch" with Mrs. Obama is the answer to BF labeling her a Fashion Dud. Seeing the smiles, hearing the screams of excitement and listening to the inspiring testimonies by the young girls at the school about what Mrs. O means to them is more priceless than Birkin Bags by Hermes or wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Ms. Fuller did you pay that much attention to First Lady Laura Bush's fashion? Perhaps you did and you are an equal opportunity vitriolic critic. You of course are not alone as fashion buff detractor.

Another Huff Post vogue type writer said the First Lady looks like James Brown and among other things compared her to something much more vulgar. Even journalists like Juan Williams who really should know better about making disparaging remarks about the First Lady's as being a "Stokely Carmichael" in a dress I am sure never said anything this viscous about the former First Ladies Bush, Clinton and Bush. He took a liberty that was totally inappropriate.

First Lady Obama reminds me of Bush 41's wife Barbara. The former First Lady did not care what other people thought about what she wore or even the style of her signature white hair and white strand of pearls. Mrs. Obama cares more about how she impacts our military families who are suffering economically. She worries about youth in America who need someone to look up too. With her presence, words and deeds alone, she wants to encourage women to meet the challenges of the day to break the velvet and glass ceilings. However, most important to her are taking care of her daughters, and yes being her man's woman. BF, First Lady Obama cares about being a woman of substance, and you know you just can't dress that!