11/24/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Resembling a 747 airplane caught on fire high in the sky, John McCain's campaign is taking a nose dive towards the most tragic political crashes in Presidential campaign history. Fighting to remain alive, he and his dead weight side kick Sarah Palin are engaging in their own brand of political cannibalism. Called "McCainnibalism," John McCain recognizes his attempt to destroy Barack Obama has failed so now he's turned to gobbling up members of his own Republican tribe. He's even resorted to eating up the Commander in Chief George W. Bush -- McCain, too little too late and on tape dogged him out about the last eight years despite the fact that Bush remained loyal to him and voted for McCain by absentee ballot. McCain's McCainnibal justification for this latest tactic is he's starving for support in the waning days of the campaign. And as one of McCain's strategist suggested, "Every man is for himself."

This primivitist approach is smashing to smithereens the pride, class and mission of the Republican brand. Never in recent history of Republican politics have so many prominent and well known moderates and conservatives been willing to lay their own ideology aside to vote for Barack Obama on November 4. For these Republicans who have helped to shape and influence the philosophy of the party, it is clear that they ardently believe that it is better to be on the side of dignity and respect, then insolence and impertinence.

McCain's character assassination scheme was espoused by lead McCainnibal surrogate Rudolph Giuliani with his last ditch attempt to wolf down Obama through racially charged robo-calls shows Democrats, Independents and even Republicans a doctrine of groupthink, in which McCainnibal gang members believe they are invincible mind guards appearing to have an unquestioned and self righteous belief in their own moralistic behavior -- even if, in fact, what they are doing is immoral and utterly wrong. The McCainnibal cultural norm is total duplicity.

The interesting thing about the McCainnibal tricks forged by the campaign now is when the campaign engages in this sort of fanatic behavior, it does not stop with trying to obliterate members outside of the campaign or on the periphery like President Bush. The political gorging begins to happen on the inside. Campaign staffers are speaking to the press on conditions of annonymity point the finger of blame. They are dissing each other left and right to try and innoculate themselves from complete humiliation. They know that while Americans might forget the malevolent measures that were taken to try and beat Obama, when history records and stores what happened, it will have the memory of an elephant. And those who partook in this symbolic form of cannibalism will be marked with the big fat L for LOSER!

The McCainnibal to watch most closely is Sarah Palin. Breaking ranks from John McCain a few times on Robo calls, a Constitutional Amendment on marriage between a man and a woman, raising the Reverend Wright issue to cook Obama, her distaste for the campaign high tailing it out of Michigan, and her boldly interrupting McCain during NBC's Brian Williams interview -- it won't be too surprising in the final days of the campaign if Palin attempts to McCainnibalize McCain.

McCain appears to be headed for an embarassing loss. At frenetic decibels, McCainnibal followers still scream the words Socialist, Muslim, and Welfare. They somehow think the words and foolish insults in some magical fairytale way will stave off an Obama victory.

As a man who claims to be authentic with honor and stateliness, McCain ought to seriously consider all of the nasty things he has allowed himself to ingest and regurgitate in order to win the Presidency. It is sad, a man who once had so much deference for being an individual has now made the word "Maverick," one of the most over used words in the English language. Ugh!

The gravity of his illogical decision to select an extemely opaque running mate who does not possess any analytical skills, but however is deeply ambitious, should make him concerned about what he must do to perhaps protect himself from Palin politically cannibalizing him with her own political agenda because after all, "she has nothing to lose." Like a female Praying Mantis, Palin may bite off the head of her mate McCain. She has people whispering in her ear that she is the one with the brass ovaries to fight, and her political future as the new darling of the conservative right is a just a heart beat away.