08/02/2010 12:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Choose Your Next Vacation Spot by Astrology?

Undecided about where to go for your holiday? Too many options leave you overwhelmed? Just for fun, why not pick your next travel destination based on your astrological sign? Certain countries and cities have their own sign depending on when they were founded or formed. For example, the United States of America("born" on the Fourth of July) is under the sign of Cancer. So while not exactly scientific, it's more interesting than just spinning the globe and going wherever your finger lands! Here are some suggestions:

A typical Aries loves to travel and will try to visit as many places as possible in one trip. Physically active jaunts such as diving in the Philippines or a safari in Africa would appeal to the Aries sense of adventure. Aries is associated with places like England, Germany, Poland, Syria and Cambodia, while Aries cities include Florence, Naples, Krakow and Marseilles.

Wherever the Taurean goes, it will probably be done in style, first-class on the way. True to their sensible natures, Taureans will rarely risk their necks in the pursuit of adventure, so relatively few will choose to go bungee-jumping on their next trip. Regions influenced by Taurus are Ecuador, Ireland, Cyprus, Capri and the Greek Islands. Taurean cities include Dublin, Lucerne, Leipzig and Palermo.


For Geminis, visiting numerous places in one trip and learning as much as they can about their destinations is an ideal holiday. Also, any trip which provides a lot of mental stimulation will appeal to their curious minds and restless natures. For this reason, the Twins are particularly attracted to big cities. Countries and regions ruled by Gemini include Belgium, Sardinia, Morocco, Tunisia, Argentina, Denmark and Wales. Gemini cities are London, Cardiff, San Francisco, Versailles, Plymouth and Melbourne.

Cancerians like to stay as close to home as possible when they travel. Group activities are favored by the crab and they love to share their free time doing things with their family. Most water sports appeal to them, as will a day spent at the beach. Cancerian countries are the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Scotland, Paraguay and New Zealand, while cities include Amsterdam, Istanbul, Venice, Milan, Stockholm, New York, and Tokyo.

Wherever Leos go, it will probably be where the "in" crowd is, as travel is all about status and romance for those born in late July and August. Leos also love to be in the middle of all the action so big parties and social events while traveling hold a lot of appeal. Consider Leo destinations such as Italy, Sicily, France, Turkey and Zanzibar. Leo cities include Prague, Rome, Madrid, Mumbai, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

There's something about a clean, well-run and efficient country like Switzerland which appeals to a Virgo's need for order and tidiness. All that fresh alpine air will also do wonders for the health-conscious Virgo. Greece, Switzerland, the West Indies, Brazil, Uruguay and Crete are traditionally associated with this sign. Cities under Virgo's influence include Boston, Geneva, Paris, Toulouse and Athens.

Ruled by Venus, Libras adore visually appealing destinations with a sparkling social atmosphere. Countries influenced by Libra include Austria, Indo-China, Tibet, Japan and Argentina. The cities of this sign include Antwerp, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Vienna, Lisbon and Johannesburg.

For Scorpios, a vacation isn't complete until it's been experienced fully. Extreme-sports such as hang-gliding figure highly in their agendas, and if it's in an exotic locale, then even better. Morocco, Norway, Syria, Korea and Uruguay are under the influence of Scorpio. The sign also rules over the cities of Fez, Washington D.C, Valencia and Halifax.

Certainly no armchair travelers, Sagittarians crave first-hand experiences and have a thirst for knowledge. These are the folks who are most likely found scaling peaks in Patagonia or exploring the Mongolian interior in search of new adventure. Sagittarian countries include Australia, Chile, Spain, Hungary and South Africa. The cities associated with this sign are Stuttgart, Sydney, Toronto, Budapest and Cologne.

Capricorns are fond of traveling with a group and with their methodical minds, they are happy to plan the itinerary and organize other details of the trip for everyone. Those born in January also tend to be interested in social status and are adverse to risk so keep this in mind when choosing destinations. Capricorn regions include Bulgaria, Mexico and India, and cities such as Brussels, Oxford, Ghent and Mexico City are ruled by this sign.

With their social conscience, Aquarians practically invented the concept of eco-tourism. Those born under this sign can often be found spreading their humanitarian ideals whether they're in the jungles of Borneo, or in a pub in Amsterdam. While traveling, consider Aquarian countries such as Sweden, Iran and Costa Rica, or visit Moscow, St Petersburg, Salzburg, Hamburg and Helsinki.

Pisceans tend to go with the flow when they are on the road. Many are interested in spiritual matters, so meditative treks to India or Tibet are appealing for these gentle souls. Pisceans are naturally suited for water sports and boating excursions. The Fish traditionally rules over regions such as Normandy, Portugal, Scandinavia and Egypt. Piscean cities include Seville, Warsaw, Alexandria and Jerusalem.

Bon Voyage!