05/12/2010 12:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Chicago Public Schools Food Fight

Reggio's Pizza got cut, but nobody's going to eat any.

Excuse the play on words, but the minority-owned pizza company is the latest victim of the Chicago Public Schools' budget crisis. For the past few years, Reggio's Pizza has been contracted with Chartwells-Thompson to supply the trademark dish to middle and high schools in the city. But according to a recent report by Bean Soup Times, the contract will expire next month - leaving Reggio's with no choice but lay off 40 of its employees. Given that black unemployment is already rising at an alarming rate, many community leaders have shown concern.

One leader, Mark S. Allen - a journalist and founder of The Black Leadership Development Institute - put up a blog post about his displeasure with the move:

Our collective Black leadership, from religious, civic, and political MUST UNITE against this company Chartwells and our Chicago Board of Education leaders from the move by Chartwells to drop the legendary Black owned and operated Reggio's Pizza from its multi-million dollar food service sub contract and the hundreds of Black community jobs it preserves.

Does this mean a protest is forthcoming? After taking a look at Mr. Allen's blog, it seems like the black community is ready for a battle. However, that remains to be seen. Some folks responded to Allen's blog via my Facebook feed and felt this is more of an economic issue than one concerning race.

But rest assured, Reggio's is going to fight to make sure that their employees get a better "piece of the pie."