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10 U.S. Barbecue Meccas

Posted: 08/30/11 06:31 PM ET

All across this country chefs, pit masters, and food loving folk are churning out an array of smoky, spicy, and succulent barbecue. From St. Louis to Kansas City to Chicago and beyond, we narrowed down 10 top barbecue havens you must go to before you die. There's a little something for everyone but all with one theme--glorious, tender, amazing piles of meat. Have you tried any of these? What place is hands down your favorite?

10. Bill Spoon's Barbecue
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Bill Spoon's Barbecue: North Carolina is home of pulled pork covered in a snappy, vinegar-based sauce, and Bill Spoon's Barbecue dishes out some of the best in the country. Founded in 1963, this family run joint not only serves up their famous pork, but in true North Carolina style they make hushpuppies and Brunswick stew, you know, for the side.

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