12/31/2013 06:23 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Featured Fifty Fine Art: Dal

After nearly twenty years of a successful run as an in-house composer, administrator and graphic designer for a national marketing firm in Los Angeles, Michael Jones aka Zallen found himself out of a job when the company he worked for was purchased and downsized by Bain Capitol. Michael and his husband (married for five years, together for 24) decided it was time to move to their favorite weekend getaway destination of Palm Springs, CA. Michael has been a professional musician since the tender age of 15 and presently licenses his own original compositions to movies and multiple cable networks through Getty Images under the moniker Zallen. His parents were both artists, and art has always been a passion of his, right behind music. Zallen Pet Portraits and Classic cars in oils incorporates two of Michael's favorite interests, pets and classic cars. You can see more of his work at and hear more at

The title of this painting is "Dal." This painting was done to be auctioned off for a SPCA Charity event. Unfortunately it got to the event to late due to a mixup and now hangs in my entryway. Canvas size is 5.5 ft x 3 ft on box canvas. Dalmatian painted in oils, background acrylic.