Silverjet Celebrates A Year Of Chic Commuting, But Is It Worth The Cost?

11/17/2011 09:02 am ET


In the past, the word has described a coat, a shoe, or even a woman. Today, thanks to Silverjet, it now describes a flight. In case you are not familiar, Silverjet is the upstart luxury focused airline which debuted last January. In the year since it launched, the company has garnered several awards from travel publications including CondeNast Travel, Esquire, and The Sunday Times Travel Magazine. What are they all praising? A decidedly chic flying experience that whisks its' customers from London to Dubai to New York in private terminals, all with the help of fashionable attendants dressed in form-fitting, knee-length skirts, cropped blazers and sheer silk stockings.

Despite an already crowded market, Silverjet, like a silver bullet, has made it's mark amongst travellers for whom efficient check-in and on-time departure are not enough. Instead, these frequent flyers want access to a dedicated chauffeur who provides door to flight service in a silver limo. They require a posh private lounge - designed by revered London label, Alfred Dunhill. They need a spa-quality restroom and shower stocked with high-end beauty products like Champneys available upon deboarding. They request gourmet goodies like smoked Scottish salmon, fresh breads, ripe fruits, and bubbling champagne served not just in the lounge but on the flight. Most of all, they must have a minimum check in time of 30 minutes - a privilege that celebrities like Joan Collins have already used and others like Naomi Campbell have abused.

Business men, cosmopolitan singles and entire families are cottoning to the fresh approach to travel that Silverjet provides.They are paying for it too. These flights run about $2000 U.S.D minimum for a round trip ticket. If you have champagne tastes with the budget to match, the Silverjet experience is undeniably worth trying.

I, for one, also have champagne tastes but with a sparkling cider budget will have to make do with less glossy but equally efficient airlines like Zoom, a budget liner which takes me from London to New York for roughly $700 or less. With the extra change, I can afford a cheap bottle of champaign, close my eyes and dream in silver. Cheers.