07/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Apple and Spuds: The Unexpected Romance

Last year Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Corporations, promised a greener more sustainable Apple. This year that pledge is becoming a reality. The hotly anticipated iPhone3G, which offers mobile zealots twice the speed at half the price, is slated to hit the consumer market on July 11th (and sell on back-order by July 12th). Best of all, it will come stuffed in its own potato skin. Well, sort of.

Apple turned to Dutch company, PaperFoam, to supply the starch packaging trays, which consist mainly of potatoes and are completely biodegradable. This simple change will reduce the carbon footprint of the iPhone by at least 90%. But remember, it's always greener to love the phone your with.

Giving the icon its due, Apple first used PaperFoam packaging for the iPod video and the Nano. Be sure to check out what the smart folks at Triplepundit had to say.