03/28/2008 02:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Open Warfare On Frist From Fellow Republicans...

Republicans are declaring open warfare on Senator Frist. The Majority Leader's fellow republicans are so frustrated with his handling of immigration and other issues that they are now slamming him publicly in newspapers across the country. Below is a sampling of the growing GOP revolt against Frist.

Senator Olympia Snowe told reporters, "We should have had a much more ambitious process of trying to build consensus and bringing people and different views together before we engaged in debate on the Senate floor. As majority leader you can't be single-minded. You've got to deal with a confluence of challenges and priorities, on behalf of the president, on behalf of the overall party and on behalf of the institution" [Washington Post, 3/30/06]

A Republican Member of the Judiciary Committee on Frist: "He's not even part of the real negotiations at this point. It's pretty sad." [Time, 4/1/06]

An Unnamed Republican Senator on Frist as Majority Leader: "I hear he was a pretty good surgeon." [Time, 4/1/06]

A Republican Senator: "The immigration issue is poorly handled. He's obviously playing primary politics." [Washington Post, 3/30/06]

Senator Lindsey Graham: "I think his legislative fix is wrong..." [Washington Post, 3/30/06]

Senator Lott: "'I do not think he will go down in history as one of the greats"... [Galveston County Daily News , 3/19/06]

Senator Hagel: Republican Leadership Is Not Running the Country "Very well"... [Des Moines Register, 11/1/05]

Senator Lott: Frist Will Not "Confront opposition."... "I'm hoping he starts to confront them more"... [National Journal, 7/14/04]