Presidential Hopeful Warner To Be Interviewed In Virtual "Second Life" World...

The first I learned anything about Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia, it was in "The Fallback", Matt Bai's much-discussed New York Times Magazine cover story published earlier this year. By "fallback", Bai meant the national figure that Democratic insiders seemed to be considering, should Senator Hillary Clinton's presumptive ascension as the party's choice for President in 2008 ever fall through. And though he hasn't declared his entrance in that race, I've often heard about Governor Warner's exploratory political action committee, Forward Together, since it's been reaching out to members of the high-tech industry and the political blogosphere at large.

So it wasn't totally shocking when a few weeks ago, out of the electric blue, members of Forward Together's staff e-mailed me, asking me if I'd be interested in interviewing Governor Warner in Second Life. But it's still a bit vertiginous to be in-world standing there in front of the avatar of a man that leading Democratic Party financier Chris Korge (speaking to Bai) pronounced as, "[T]he one to watch as an outsider in this race. He seems presidential."

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