03/28/2008 02:44 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Damage Control: Scientists Take On The Sun

Cellular repair medicines, antioxidant pills and supplements take a damage-control approach to sun exposure.Constant worrying about the sun and its power to burn, wrinkle and mottle the skin -- or worse, cause cancer -- comes with the summer territory. But what if there were an extra level of protection, say a pill or a lotion that helped prevent the most common effects of too much ultraviolet light?

Researchers are working on it.

"Sunscreens are difficult to use properly," says Daniel Yarosh, president of AGI Dermatics, a Freeport, N.Y., biotech company that is developing a lotion to help the skin mend itself. "Science is trying to find something better."

The beyond-sunscreens research falls into two categories. One approach helps repair cellular skin damage after too much sun exposure. The other approach makes the skin less sensitive to the sun.

"The research in this field is still relatively early," says Dr. Henry W. Lim, chairman of the department of dermatology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. "But I think this is something that will continue to develop."

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