03/28/2008 02:44 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Ratings Also Head South

Glenn Beck's ratings for the week of May 21-25 were staggering in how low Beck's ratings have fallen. When you think his ratings have hit rock bottom, they manage to dig just a little lower.

These are the numbers are for the 7pm hour. The first number is the 25-54 demographic, the second number is the total number of viewers.

Monday - 44,000 / 211,000
Tuesday - 141,000 / 302,000
Wednesday - 73,000 / 172,000
Thursday - 62,000 / 192,000
Friday - 43,000 / 123,000

These numbers are quite low. On Monday and Friday, Beck's demographic number was the lowest in all of cable news from 5pm to midnight. In Beck's 7pm time slot, he lost every single day (except Tuesday, which seems to be an abberation) to all 3 of the other cable news shows in both the demographic and total viewers.

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