03/28/2008 02:44 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Through Wardrobe, Bono Demonstrates the Extent to Which the G8 Left a Bad Taste in His Mouth

Jossip has preserved for posterity this CNN screengrab, documenting a moment that is very much newsworthy. Apparently, U2 lead singer Bono grew so upset talking about the broken promises of the G8 leadership, that he actually removed his sunglasses. That almost never happens. Typically, the singer is so mellow that he can get through "Sunday Bloody Sunday" in its entirety without feeling compelled to doff his shades, and that song's about Irish civil rights protestors getting massacred.

Of course, as badly as Bono had his Irish up, that's nowhere near the upper limit of the extent to which one can tick off a member of U2. Let's just say that if you ever see The Edge so angry that he takes off his hat...well...achtung, baby! You are about to get JACKED up!

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