03/28/2008 02:44 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bjork Readies For Glastonbury, Talks Swan: "It Was Just A Joke That Nobody Got"

One of the most rare and visually spectacular shows lined up for Glastonbury this year is the return of Björk. Already picked out as the best set of the Coachella festival in California this April, her headlining performance on the Other Stage on Friday night promises female brass-band choirs, insane costumes and stunning projections underneath the Somerset stars.

The last and only time Björk performed at the Glastonbury festival was in 1994, but it might as well be a lifetime away for her,

"I can't remember anything about it. Somebody had to remind me!"

Then, she was a newly exploding pop star, all over the charts and TV with her album Debut, gate-crashing the Britpop party with her exciting punk-operatic take on dance music, and embraced by the hottest creative talents, from producer Nellee Hooper to photographer Nick Knight.

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