03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Portfolio Drops Editor's Letter After 2 Issues

NO WORDS: The third issue of Portfolio will arrive on newsstands later this week with one thing missing -- an editor's letter from Joanne Lipman. Though Lipman penned letters in the first two issues of the Condé Nast business title, she's opted not to include one for the foreseeable future. "The first two letters were to introduce the magazine," said a Portfolio spokeswoman. "For now, there will not be an editor's letter." However, the spokeswoman insisted, the option is open to bring it back.

Some who received early copies of the October issue thought it strange Lipman opted not to include a letter, especially since she's a highly visible branding tool for the magazine. And for a new title, the letter is where an editor can deepen his or her relationship with a growing audience. "An ed's note really helps a young magazine to establish the tone and the sensibility that the magazine is presenting," said Stephen Perrine, editor in chief of Best Life.