10/04/2007 02:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Giuliani Tops Romney In 3Q Fundraising Totals

It may be a bad day for Rudy Giuliani where the sign of the cross is concerned, but as far as dollar signs go, things are looking up.

The former New York City mayor is reporting fundraising totals for the third quarter that put him just past ex-Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Giuliani's campaign said it raised $11 million in the year's third reporting period, $1 million more than Romney is reporting.

It's notable that Romney is reporting $18 million as his total, but this include $8.5 million he loaned to his campaign.

The real advantage for Giuliani is his $16 million cash on hand, compared to Romney's $9 million. Only $500,000 of Giuliani's total was marked off for the general election fund, and Romney says that he chose not to collect any general election funding this term.