03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Finke: Women Make The Best Reporters In Hollywood

"I've always thought that if I wrote a novel about Hollywood," says Nikki Finke, "it would start, '"That bitch!" the studio mogul cried, but the secretary didn't know which woman journalist he was talking about.'"

Finke--from her perch as the L.A. Weekly "Deadline Hollywood" columnist and queen of has been poking, prodding, and often disemboweling movie executives ("Another Reason Why Bob Shaye Is a Prick," reads a typical headline) since the 1990s. She has zero interest in celebrities, instead going after the juicy business dramas of film moguls and agents. "I want to know who's doing what to whom and why in the boardrooms of Hollywood, not the bedrooms," she says. Consequently, Finke has created her own badass niche in entertainment reporting, which is both copied and criticized by her more mainstream colleagues. "I always felt there was something missing in showbiz coverage--what I call the culture of the moguls and the culture of the agents and just the inner workings of interconnected Hollywood," she says. Recently, she got on the phone to talk about power, putzes, and whether women will ever get ahead in the movie business.

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