03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Conan On Strike: We Miss The Writers, "Taking It Day By Day"

Conan O'Brien seemed a little bit worried before last night's "Stand Up for Heroes" comedy show to benefit the Bob Woodruff Family Fund, which he was hosting. "It's little bit different because it's such a serious tone, and if you see my show, you see what I do," he said. "You just do the best you can to walk the line. And my job is to sort of get to the humor and get the show started and walk that line as best I can." If he knew what he was in for, he'd have been a lot worried. Conan's monologue immediately followed a set of videos of Bob Woodruff interviewing injured Iraq-war veterans and a performance by the Marine band. Good thing he had a team of writers to help navigate that tricky situation! Except ... he didn't, because like everyone else in TV, his writers are on strike.

Read about Conan's other drama, with his stalker priest David Ajemian, here.

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