03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Heather Mills Tell-All Book Prepared For Release

Coming at us shortly, a charming book about a charming person. Currently in the process of rewrites, up dates and edits, it's titled "The Unsinkable Heather Mills." Until this Unsinkable reads this column, she probably has no idea this vivisection is coming down. Author, Neil Simpson. Publisher, Phoenix.

From the rough draft in my hands, its 17 chapters include headings like "Hitting the Floor," "The Streets of London," "In Front of the Cameras," "The Real Heather Mills," "Chris Versus Paul," "Playing Hardball."

Opening chapter "Hitting the Stars" reports she did "Dancing With the Stars" to show how this "scandalous" Brit looked "bloody good" and could "blot out all the hateful sneering faces. . . . She had flown to America to get past the ugly tabloid headlines back home that said 'Heather the hooker' and 'Bisexual Heather sold body to Arabs.' "

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