03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Iowa: Clinton, Obama, Edwards Tied At 26 Percent

Hours before the Democratic presidential candidates debate in Las Vegas, a new Iowa poll shows a dead three-way tie among the frontrunners Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. Among Iowans certain to caucus on January 3, all three candidates have 26 percent support.

Among Iowans generally, the spread widens a bit, to Clinton 29% Edwards 25% Obama 24%:

Senator Hillary Clinton's lead in Iowa has fallen seven points over the past few weeks. This is consistent with the six-point slide measured in New Hampshire.

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll of the Iowa Democratic Caucus for 2008 finds Clinton on top with support from 29% of Likely Caucus Participants. That's down from 33% in mid-October.

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is supported by 25% and Illinois Senator Barack Obama attracts 21% of the Likely Caucus participants. For both men, those figures reflect a three-percentage point gain. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson also gained three points and is now at 10% in the poll (see crosstabs).

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