03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Finally! Katie's Perfect Sign-Off!

Who remembers when Katie Couric launched her version of "The CBS Evening News"? No? Yeah, it didn't get much attention, you probably missed it. Anyway, when the time came for her to sign off — the most important part of the broadcast! — she wasn't sure how to do it! So she peeped a few expert versions, asked for viewer suggestions, tried a few out on Letterman, and road-tested a few on the air. Finally, she settled on the chipper but unremarkable "Thanks for watching — I'll see you tomorrow. Good night." It's no "Courage," but it served its purpose nicely.

Well, you can't rush greatness — sometimes, greatness has to be thrust upon you after having an impromptu clip of you goofing in front of the cameras with your crew released onto the internet. When that happens, you belong to the masses — and the masses have spoken. By an overwhelming majority, they have made their choice, and found Katie's perfect sign-off: "This Tart is Ready to Go!" You want gravitas? That, my friends, is gravitas.

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