03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Michigan Primary Inaction Means NH Waits

"Keep your eyes on the Michigan legislature and the Supreme Court," New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner told CQ Politics when asked about his state's primary date. Gardner, who alone holds the power to set the date for the primary that has been first in the nation since 1920, isn't going to get impatient after 30 years of defending his state's status.

In Michigan, on the other hand, the clock is ticking. The state's Jan. 15 primary law has been declared unconstitutional, due to a provision that would give lists of the participants to the political parties but no one else. The Republican-led state Senate has passed an amendment removing the voter-list provision, but the Democratic controlled House failed to met yesterday and is not scheduled to return to session until next Tuesday.

State Elections Director Chris Thomas, in an affidavit submitted with Monday's appeal of a lower court ruling, said election officials need to know by noon today whether the Jan. 15 primary will be held. That means the only hope left for Michigan's primary, which violates the Democratic Party's calendar, is a swift ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court.

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Yesterday, New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner announced that there will be no January 15 NH Primary.

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