03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Writers' Strike Videos: No Longer A Novelty, But Still Funny

We wrote yesterday noting, inter alia, that while new strike videos are still fun, after three weeks they're no longer quite as much of a novelty, and the bar is being subtly raised on what counts as a stand-out (i.e. people standing around with picket signs chanting may not quite do it anymore). The WGA YouTube page remains in full gear, though, (#4 most subscribed channel last week!) with new videos being added almost daily (including John Edwards' star turn on the picket line - the 6th most-viewed WGA video, right after Sandra Oh!) ("The Office Is Closed" remains #1). In the meantime, while negotiations between parties, secret or otherwise, are underway, and the window may be closing for strike-related art (new Emmy category, anyone?), today we bring you another one, via The Apiary, which satisfies the higher bar of "after three weeks, this free content better be good!" and has the added bonus of being SNL-related, because really we don't write enough about SNL in this column. So: Enjoy this video featuring Will Forte and Kristen Wiig, which notches up the production values on these videos (up to eleven, dude!) and raises the bar even further for the next comer. Dammit, if only there were organizations around who could FUND this stuff. It can get expensive.

Bonus: Fred Armisen reprising his role as studio head Roger A. Trevanti, found here.

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