03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shep Smith Mocks Fox News With His "Monster Truck" Voice

Shep Smith sure does get paid well, but working for Fox News may be costing him his sanity. Today, on Studio B, as he closed an interview with the ex-husband of Debra Lafave (you know, Florida's Mary Kay Letourneau), Shep suddenly lost it, announcing in his best monster truck "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" voice...

"Much more on this new development [transform into monster truck voice] AS SKY FOX FLIES OVER THE RESTAURANT WHERE DEB LAFAVE WORKED [transform back to normal anchor voice] (before we got to show the picture of her on the motorcycle again)"

Is Shep tired of working in an Ailes-style tabloid newsroom, where even hostage situations are turned into car chases? Or is he just having fun (albeit, at the expense of a man who thought he married a high school hottie but wound up marrying a child predator)? We pull the video, you decide.

From Fox News, 12/4