03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

This Week's Must See Video: Richard Simmons Falls, David Gregory Tries To Dance, The Blue Man, A TP Wedding Dress, And More!

Richards Simmons Takes A Spill

You might not think you need an explanation for a clip of Richard Simmons falling over. But you do. It actually makes the clip a lot funnier. You see, Simmons was a guest on "Ellen" last week, and when he wasn't busy doing the interview, he was hamming it up backstage for whoever would watch. While dancing with some sort of scarf around his waist and goofing off in typical Richard Simmons fashion, he mistook a very still white drape for a wall, and attempted to shimmy down said drape. Add in a poorly placed, low-lying box behind the drape and you have a very funny clip. From NBC 12/17/07.

David Gregory Sets White People Back 60 Years

David Gregory filled in for Matt Lauer this week on "Today" and did a terrible disservice to white people everywhere. During Mary J. Blige's performance, Gregory danced his little heart away, and "Today" cameras were on it every two-footed step of the way. I guess he didn't learn anything from this fiasco. From NBC 12/18/07.

Ann Curry Goes Bungee Jumping

"Today" ended their extreme sports feature by sending Ann Curry to England to bungee jump for charity. The best part of this clip isn't the Ugly American attitude the "Today" anchors take when remarking on the scenery of this economically struggling English town, and it's not even the jump itself, it's how calm she remains while bouncing up and down, suspended in the air, upside down. If I jumped 120 feet off a bridge I can think of a few choice four letter words that would come to mind before I said "Oh my good Lord. This is fantastic! I recommend it, actually!" From NBC 12/17/07.

Bride With Toilet Paper Dress Raises the Bar At Fox News

There are a lot of great things about 24-hour news networks. Breaking news coverage, professional analysis of the day's top stories, Al Sharpton... The following clip contains none of these. It's just a live interview with a woman in a wedding dress made of toilet paper. You'll find out the answers to all the gripping questions racing through your mind, like "How was all that toilet paper put together?" With a sewing machine, of course! And the George Polk Award for television reporting goes to Fox News! From Fox News 12/19/07.

The Man Who Turned Himself Blue

14 years ago Paul Karason decided to self medicate a bad case of dermatitis by drinking a concoction called colloidal silver. Now his skin is blue as a result of the treatment. No papa smurf jokes are necessary here. Just click play. From YouTube via CNN

"Walk Hard" Viral Marketing Campaign Works!

Finally this week, a hilarious video from Judd Apatow, the man behind "Superbad" and "Knocked Up". Apatow all-stars Paul Rudd ("Anchorman"), Jonah Hill ("Superbad"), Justin Long ("Accepted"), and Craig Robinson ("The Office") join forces to promote Apatow's newest movie, "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story", which is already getting rave reviews. If this is the future of movie marketing campaigns, we have a lot to look forward to. From funnyordie.com