03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Stats: Clinton Employs More Staffers, Obama Outspends On Ads

Jerome has compiled some pretty interesting data about Iowa:

Paid Staff:
Kerry '04: 120
Edwards '08: 175
Obama: 300
Clinton: 400

This is an incredible number of paid staff of Clinton. It's said that she's going to spend over $10M in Iowa, and this is a big chunk of it. The notion that a win by Clinton would be a "miracle" is pure spin. The extra 100-225 staffers spread out over the state gives Clinton an advantage over Edwards & Obama.

TV Advertising (in millions):
Kerry '04: $2.73
Edwards '08: $2.7
Obama: $8.3
Clinton: $6.5

Does Obama really get anything more from buying an extra $5 million plus in television ads in Iowa than Edwards? Dean sure didn't gain anything against Kerry. It puffed up his lead till the closing week, just like Obama's lead got puffed up, but then it went poof, just like what seems to be happening to Obama. You'll never hear the media complain about the amount of television ads though, it's their revenue.

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