03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Has Matt Drudge Lost His Mojo?

A wide-open election, an embattled president, scandal-a-plenty: Matt Drudge's eponymous website should be booming. So why is site traffic dragging? comScore says the site attracted 1.5 million unique visitors last November, down 10% y/y, and traffic to the site has been idling for the past year.

A couple possible explanations:

* Drudge's traffic now mirrors that of cable news channels: A steady base that spikes with news events. In Drudge's case, you'd expect to see increased traffic next year as the election moves into full swing.

* Drudge's once-revolutionary idea -- a no-frills, one-page link dump -- is easy to replicate, and has been copied by news purveyors across the Web. And in general, there are many, many more places to get news on the Web than there were during Drudge's Lewinsky-era heyday.

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