03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

In Which We Offer Assistance In 'Message Discipline'

Hillary Clinton has picked up the endorsement of Robert Farmer, former DNC treasurer and U.S. consul general to Bermuda, who provided his support in an editorial in this morning's Washington Post. And, hey...that's just ducky, you know? Still, if I had my druthers, I'd have liked Farmer to lead with something - really, anything - other than this paragraph:

Early last year John Kerry called me to say he was not going to run for president in 2008. I had served as his national treasurer in 2004 and was among those who felt he should consider running again. He would have made a great president. But it is almost impossible to overcome $450 million in negative advertising.

So, you were holding out for a Kerry rerun? And then supported Obama for a while? And then finally, you have "come to realize that...Clinton is the best candidate" for President? From what I read, you seem pretty comfortable with a wide range of her campaign's major talking points - as well as dropping in another superfluous reminder of Obama's middle name. And she was a guest in your home. Which I don't discount, mind you - I've had many houseguests, and I'd support just about none of them for President. Still, Mr. Farmer, why paint yourself as someone so fickle?

And titling the piece "Why I Still Back Hillary Clinton?" Why the "still." Sort of makes it sound like a dodgy proposition, don't you think? A "roll of the dice," maybe? Just saying.