03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

South Carolina's GOP Governor Practically Endorses Obama

I won't be voting for Barack Obama for president. There are too many vital issues -- from taxes and spending, to immigration and national security, to traditional values -- on which we have fundamentally different points of view about the right direction for our country. However, as the presidential campaign trail now makes its turn toward this state, and as South Carolinians make their final decisions on whom to vote for, it's worth pausing to take notice of something important that the Obama candidacy means for our corner of America....

...Sen. Obama is not running for president on the basis of his race, and no one should cast their ballot for or against him on that basis. Nonetheless, what is happening in the initial success of his candidacy should not escape us. Within many of our own lifetimes, a man who looked like Barack Obama had a difficult time even using the public restrooms in our state. What is happening may well say a lot about America, and I do think as an early primary state we should earnestly shoulder our responsibility in determining how this part of history is ultimately written.

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