03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Classic Cartoon Gets A Digital Facelift

In 1967, when the cartoon series "George of the Jungle" was introduced, cigarette commercials still ran on TV, DVD meant Dick Van Dyke and video was a word in the titles of series like "Captain Video" and "Video Village."

Not only has television changed in four decades, so too has the audience that watches cartoons. Both those realities are being addressed by the Cartoon Network cable channel and its partners when they introduce on Friday a new version of "George of the Jungle."

The 21st-century George and his show are being promoted on their own Web site (, where visitors can watch clips, listen to the theme song and retrieve digital trinkets like wallpapers, buddy icons, screen savers and downloadable desktop mascots.

The George-centric Web site, created by Special Ops Media in New York, is in addition to material on the Web site of Cartoon Network (, where visitors can play a game called Swingin' Kingdom.

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