Mornings With Mitt

Seeing as this is such a Mittmentous day in America, we thought we'd share this YouTube where Mitt Romney describes a typical morning over at his Wanctuary Mansion. Just like most "full-spectrum conservatives," he wakes up, brushes his teeth, has a healthy breakfast, tousles Tagg's hair, and checks to see if the gun that one of his sons owns yet inexplicably keeps at his father's house is polished (for the day's varmint slay). Then he ventures out onto the grounds to see his illegal immigrant staff hard at work tending the sanctuary peonies by the sanctuary back patio. Then he hits up his Blackberry to see "what's happened with the messages," and settles in for a long afternoon of dodging Rick Deckard's attempts to kill him.

Actually, some of that is true, and some of that is, uhm..."better." But what's best is that Romney talks about visiting the Drudge Report several times a day, which earns him a haughty tsk-tsking from the interviewer:

INTERVIEWER: So you read Drudge.

ROMNEY: I read Drudge several times a day.

INTERVIEWER: [laughs, shakes head] Sometimes it's true and sometimes it's not.

ROMNEY: More interesting when it's not!

More interesting when it's not true, eh, Mitt? Funny, we've found the same thing to be true about you!