03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Another Gawker Media Staff Shake-Up: Wonkette Editor Fired

In yet another staff shake-up at Gawker media, Wonkette associate editor Megan Carpentier was let go from the popular political site on Friday. Carpentier, who used to write the anonymous "Ask A Lobbyist" column for the site, revealed her identity when she joined the site in November. Carpentier's farewell post states that she was informed of the decision on Friday, which became her last day at the site.

Carpentier joined Wonkette shortly after a staffing shakeup triggered by the departure of Alex Balk from sister-site Gawker in October 2007. Following that move, then-Wonketeer Alex Pareene moved from D.C. to New York to step in at Gawker, leaving behind co-editor Ken Layne, who himself announced his switch to contributor/columnist and who was replaced as editor by John Clarke, Jr. , along with associate editor Jim Newell. Layne briefly left the site but returned on January 1st as managing editor, shortly after Gawker media boss Nick Denton had fired Clarke. Newell remains at Wonkette, and covered the primary in New Hampshire on location for the site.

According to her personal blog, Carpentier was let go by Layne. Denton and Layne declined to comment for the record, and an email to Carpentier has thus far been unreturned.No reason for Carpentier's removal has been given.

As seems to be the case with Gawker media employees and ex-employees, Carpentier will continue to contribute to Gawker media by way of occasional posts on sister-site Jezebel. Earlier this month, new Gawker editor Richard Morgan quit after a single day on the job.