03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Caucuses Dominate Saturday Voting: Advantage Obama?

On Saturday Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be going head-to-head for delegates in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington and the Virgin Islands. On Sunday the race moves to Maine. Of these five contests, four are caucuses (Louisiana is a primary).
As the New York Times notes:

In Tacoma, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton alluded to the caucuses in Washington state tomorrow, telling an audience of nurses, "If this were a primary -- if you could vote all day -- I'd feel pretty good about it.''

She, of course, was citing their work shifts and their worries about getting away from work around 1 p.m., when their caucuses start.

But she also might've been lamenting the fact that so far, Senator Barack Obama has done better in states holding caucuses, save Nevada. So far, he's taken Democratic caucuses in Iowa, Colorado, Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and North Dakota. New Mexico, believe it or not, and we can believe it, given how close votes have been there for a few years now, is still counting and counting.

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