03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Eva Green On Nude Scenes, Fashion & Being Hit On By Sarkozy

The UK Telegraph has a long interview with Bond Girl Eva Green, the French actress who first became famous for her full frontal sex scenes in "The Dreamers." Buried in the article is the the rumor that newlywed Sarkozy once hit on her, even though they have never met:

[There is] a recent rumour in France that President Sarkozy tried, unsuccessfully, to woo Green by inviting her on the campaign trail, before he got together with Carla Bruni. She [Eva] nods: "Yeah.

I have never met Sarkozy, but it became such a big thing." Would she have liked to have been the First Lady of France? "God, no. It's a lot of pressure. No, no, no."

She also talks about her nude scenes:

"My God, in America it was a big deal," she recalls. "The Dreamers was my first feature film and I don't know if I could do it again, but I like to show emotions and if that means being naked and it's not gratuitous I might do it... With Bond it was fine, though, because they're not ready to show nipples in Bond films yet."

She laughs mischievously, and I get a glimpse of what she must be like in less formal circumstances: a normal 28 year-old who likes to "play the piano like a little bourgeois girl" in her spare time.

But Green is all too aware of becoming stereotyped with "the whole sexy French girl thing". "You become a product and people typecast you," she says. "It's very stressful, because you take it personally if you're not right for a part and you question yourself a lot."

And her often-criticized fashion choices:

Her other concession to stardom is the use of a stylist for big occasions: yet she turned up to the Dior 30th anniversary show at Versailles in a shocking pink kimono. "I know that I was very much criticised for my pink geisha outfit."

She shakes her head and colours slightly. "I was very happy with it, and then everybody got so shocked. I just wanted to make it special, rather than wearing a boring black dress, but now it's becoming very important, like 'What is she going to wear this time?'

I just wanted to have some fun, but now I feel a lot more self-conscious about things."