03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Managing Wisconsin Primary Expectations

ABC News reports that the Clinton campaign is downplaying expectations for tomorrow's Wisconsin primary:

The Clinton campaign downplayed expectations for Wisconsin today, arguing its focus is winning the delegate-rich states of Ohio and Texas that vote March 4.

"I do not subscribe to the momentum theory of American politics," Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson told reporters on another conference call, which was held at the same time Plouffe was talking up reporters covering the Obama campaign.

"We feel very good about Ohio and Texas, which are the next big contests that vote after Wisconsin and Hawaii," Wolfson said.

Sam Stein reports that the Obama campaign also downplayed expectations on a conference call with reporters.

The Obama campaign took concrete steps to lower expectations for their candidate in tomorrow's primary in Wisconsin.

On a conference call with reporters, campaign manager David Plouffe stated on several occasions that the Badger State represented friendly turf to Sen. Hillary Clinton. Obama's objective, he added, was to merely maintain his delegate lead: roughly 138 pledge delegates.