03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton's 5-Point Plan For The Week Ahead

The Politico highlights Hillary Clinton's strategy going into her firewall states of Texas and Ohio:

Here's the five-point plan for her endgame:

1) Run appealing, positive ads. On Saturday, she unveiled four new ads for airing in Texas and Ohio with messages such as "Hillary delivers."

One features a testimonial from John Glenn, the astronaut and former U.S. senator from Ohio: "I'll be proud to call Hillary my president."

2) Hold events every day that will drive positive news coverage. On Saturday, she was in New Orleans with talk show host Tavis Smiley for his ninth annual State of the Black Union symposium.

On Monday, she is slated to hold a foreign policy event to emphasize her commander-in-chief credentials. On Wednesday, she is to hold an economic summit in Ohio. Later, she plans to take a tour of Appalachia.

3) Keep the message clear and personal, not wonky. Doug Hattaway, a trusted communications adviser within the bubble, gives her advice and pep talk before she goes onstage, encouraging her to lose the dense verbiage.

"It's nothing new, but it's someone new to say it," said a Clinton aide. "She is appreciative of the feedback and suggestions."

4) Aim for women, who made her the upset winner of the New Hampshire primary. They're the target of Clinton's closing remarks from the Austin debate, which the campaign blast e-mailed on Saturday from "Bill Clinton" with the subject line, "The moment" and an appeal for funds to place her remarks as an ad in states voting on March 4.

"Women like the Hillary Clinton they saw in Austin," a Clinton aide said.

5) Mix criticism of Obama with positive conversation about herself. The restraint was clear in a remark she made Saturday at a Solutions for American Families town hall in Cincinnati.

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