03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Report: Shelley Ross, Tantrum- Prone "Early Show" Producer, May Be Fired Within Weeks

Yesterday's Page Six reported more tension at CBS' "The Early Show," led by tantrum-prone executive producer Shelley Ross. Ross reportedly "forced one producer to read an apology to his colleagues and ordered another to reschedule his colonoscopy because it was sweeps month." Page Six also reported that anchor Harry Smith was angry with the production decisions on the morning show.

Today, the New York Times' Bill Carter writes that Ross, who joined "The Early Show" in September, did not work on the show Friday and may be on her way out:

Shelley Ross, the executive producer of CBS's morning news program, "The Early Show," has so alienated staff members on and off camera that she may be ousted from her position within the next few weeks, executives with knowledge of the situation said on Friday.

In addition to management issues — Carter reports that at least eight staffers have left the show since Ross took the helm — Ross is fighting sluggish ratings, where "The Early Show" trails both NBC's "Today" and ABC's "Good Morning America."

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