03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hillary Asks Joe Scarborough To Be Her Running Mate

Hillary Clinton's rocky relationship with MSNBC appears to be on the up: just weeks after sending NBC News President Steve Capus a scathing letter over "the pattern of behavior on [MSNBC]" that led to "degrading language" from the mouths of David Shuster and Chris Matthews, Clinton appeared comfortable and jocular on "Morning Joe," asking host Joe Scarborough to be her running mate if she wins the Democratic nomination.

Scarborough set the tone with his opening question, asking Clinton, "After last night, do you need to drop out of this race to unite the Democratic Party?" and continuing the light-hearted tone by saying "There are larger considerations than your own personal ambition."

Clinton responded by saying, "Actually, Joe, I was coming on this morning to ask you to be my running mate," comparing him to Ronald Reagan and prompting Scarborough (a former Republican Congressman from Florida) to announce, "You have just finished my political career. It's over! I'm in TV until I die."