03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Project Runway" Winner Siriano Wants "Project Britney"

Season 4's "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano says he wishes his new project was Britney Spears. In an interview with After Elton's Christie Keith, he said that Britney's current state was due to a lack of gays in her life:

AE: I read in an interview with you that you said you wanted to save Britney Spears because she needs the gays.
CS: [laughing] She does. I know.

AE: Tell me what you'd do.
CS: Oh, my god. Listen, have you ever noticed Britney has no gays? She has no little fairies running around helping her. I don't understand that.

AE: I know.
CS: It's really horrible. Now I said to a producer once that I wanted to do a reality show called Project Britney instead of Project Runway, where I would take Britney for the next six months and I would do hair, makeup, wardrobe every day for her and become her personal staff every day. And then of course I would be, hello, the thanks that everyone has to give for saving Britney, 'cause I would totally save her whole image and - oh my god, it would be flawless.

AE: But do you think she'd let you?

CS: No, she would never, no. She would never let anybody. I think that's her point, like you know, everybody was doing that all her life, so she's kind of rebelling. I mean I think it'd be fun. Most designers would never want to dress a celebrity like her, but I wouldn't mind trying to like work her back into shape. It'd be fun.

But Britney better get back in like, because his current project is Victoria Beckham.

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