06/25/2008 06:13 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

3AM Phone Call Girl Favors Obama

Hey, have you heard? The little girl from the famous "3am phone call" ad is actually a grown-up supporter of Barack Obama! Which is, I guess, a TOTAL BURN on Hillary, because who knew that children grew up to have wildly divergent opinions from the ones presented by campaign commercials they probably didn't know they were participating in in the first place?

Good Morning America is on the case, breaking this story wide open! See, there's this stuff called "stock footage" that gets used again and again, according to the needs of the creative types putting ads together, and the geniuses behind this ad obviously never stopped to think, "Hey, what if it turns out this girl is a grown up supporter of a different candidate? Won't that lead to a whole lot of nothing getting blown way out of proportion?"

I have very little to go on here, but it seems that this former "little girl" may have been participating in a rich tradition called "acting" in which a person with their own identity and set of core beliefs portrays another, entirely different person. For example, did you know that "Obama Girl" doesn't really have "a crush on Obama," but rather, an aesthetically appealing body that people will throw money at? It's true, it's true.

Good Morning America's big takeaway: "A lesson to voters: advertising and reality are sometimes two very different things." News you can use!