03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton "Insular," "Detached" Manager Of Campaign

The morning after Senator Barack Obama shook the Clinton campaign by winning five contests in one weekend, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's new campaign manager -- Maggie Williams, who had taken over in a shake-up the night before -- assembled the curious if demoralized staff.

"You may not like the person next to you," Ms. Williams told dozens of aides who ringed the conference room at the campaign's Virginia headquarters last month, according to participants. "But you're going to respect them. And we're going to work together."...

...Still, interviews with campaign aides, associates and friends suggest that Mrs. Clinton, at least until February, was a detached manager. Juggling the demands of being a candidate, she paid little attention to detail, delegated decisions large and small and deferred to advisers on critical questions. Mrs. Clinton accepted or seemed unaware of the intense factionalism and feuding that often paralyzed her campaign and that prevented her aides from reaching consensus on basic questions like what states to fight in and how to go after Mr. Obama, of Illinois.

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